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Well-Known Songs for Guitar

If you learned to play guitar with the help of a book, then the chances are that you know all of the same songs as me! But to be fair, this isn’t because the authors of ‘guitar for beginners’ books are lacking in imagination, it is simply because they always choose the easiest songs for people to play.

Here are a few of the most used choons : Suzanne – Leonard Cohen, Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel, Morning has Broken – Cat Stevens...

Fantastic Festivals

Great news! I’ve just got tickets for the V Festival in Stafford this year. I honestly can’t wait to see the headline acts, the stand-up comedy, the new bands and the endless sea of tents full of happy people. I just can’t get enough of festivals, be it Glastonbury or even my local literature festival like on It’s all about meeting new people and trying new things, combined with the awesome sense of community. I get so excited I wish the tickets arrived by sameday couriers! This is why I have compiled a list of my favourite festivals…

Man - Sports over Romantic Dinner

Need to take care

Ever faced a situation when you planned a perfect evening with your boyfriend or husband or prospective life partner and it turned out dud? It has happened with me and was it tragic or what?

I mean I thought that I had it all figured out. A perfect dinner while soft music played on in the background and the delicious dessert that would add that zing to the evening. Couches ready with blankets and an old film classic just waiting in the player to take us into that romantic era. The dinner went on fine though I found my partner unusually quiet. Upon confirmation that there was nothing wrong with his health I continued in my efforts of making it an awesome evening. Soft talk and lilting music helped my mood but did little to get my partner to say much.

The Regency Chess Company Vs. Gemma’s Obsession

It’s not something I share often with many people, but I have a small obsession with collecting chess sets. This might sound a little odd considering my friends call me a hippy, but sitting down and playing a good chess match really helps me to unwind after a hard day at the office. Since I started playing (over ten years ago!), I’ve collected more chess sets then I have canvasses for my paintings! Most of this has been unwittingly encouraged by The Regency Chess Company.

I blame my friend Gary for my little chess habit. He introduced me to the game when I was a student and soundly beat me to a pulp thirteen times in under an hour. Despite being useless at the game, I kept on playing. Strategy, foresight, problem solving and assertiveness all come into play during a chess match. I was hooked from the word ‘go’. After that first experience with Gary, I started playing regularly and bought my first chess set three months later.

How to be more assertive

Assertiveness is not something we are born with, in my opinion. It is something you learn from people or pick up from things around you. It can be a reaction to something – this person has to know what I think right now – or something we are told – you must be more assertive. What it is, I believe, is a skill. So, in theory, you should be able to learn it.

Not always the case either, when you think about it. The tricky thing about being assertive is that it’s all wrapped up in personality and identity. So, when you think about it, it really depends on what kind of a person we are: bossy or easily led and many more things besides.

Family Solidarity

I don’t have kids. The twenties are a weird and wonderful time, some people spend them celebrating their freedom, others trying to figure out how to settle down. My best friend from childhood already has 3 kids! What I noticed is that a lot of her friends dropped her like a hot potato when she decided to have children. Our friendship is different. We go to 3 or 4 festivals together every year and I like to share wild family

Why is being a ‘hippy’ a bad thing ? Hippies have never really been allowed peace for five minutes, have they? No, they’re constantly being have-a-goe’d-at by people: you stink, they say, or worse…get a job, you useless pathetic hippy layabout! What’s wrong with this picture? Hm, let me see now…I’ll tell you. What’s wrong is the fact that: we don’t stink. Actually we do care about that stuff. I know a few hippies who are the cleanest people alive, and I’m not even messing! we DO have jobs, and what’s more we work really hard at other stuff once we have finished work. Just because some of us have dreadlocks doesn’t mean we don’t care. Far from it actually.